Nigeria’s new transportation rules say you can use the bus, taxis or a private car to get around the country, but only if you’ve paid the $10 registration fee.

The move comes in response to the country’s deadly Ebola outbreak and the threat of a return to the deadliness of the old ways of driving.

The rules also allow for the transport of animals to graze.

A report in The New York Times notes that if you don’t have a private vehicle, it can take you more than four hours to get from a major city to your destination. 

The new rules are also meant to make it easier for the city to keep track of and track down missing people. 

You have to register for a private motor vehicle, a permit to drive and be at least 21 years old.

The permit to travel must be valid for two years. 

People can only drive to work and back, unless they have a permit from the local government. 

There’s also a $2 fee for every hour you spend driving, the paper said.

The rule also gives the city the power to suspend drivers, suspend licences and impose fines.

The report said it could be used to fine people who drive too slowly, fail to maintain the right of way or drive at unsafe speeds. 

According to the Times, the move will be popular with people who are looking for a cheap way to get to work or work out.

The government estimates that there are about 4,000 licensed drivers in the country. 

“The main issue is that people have to pay for a licence for all sorts of things, like cars, motorcycles and bikes,” the Times quoted one government official as saying. 

If you’re not sure whether a vehicle is a private or public motor vehicle or are worried about your vehicle, you should check with the local municipality. [CNN]