The news that’s on your feed could be coming from an outlet you follow or your favorite sports website, but the next time you scroll through your newsfeed you’ll notice that some of the articles aren’t necessarily from your favorite outlet.

Here are a few ways you can make sure the news that you’re following isn’t showing up on your news feed.1.

Remove any stories that appear on Facebook Live or other video services.

Facebook Live allows you to upload video content, and you can watch the stream of that content on your mobile device.

However, if you’re using Facebook Live, the video feed is not available on other platforms, like Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

If you have a video app like the popular Google Chrome app or the free Roku App, you can add the video to your Facebook Live feed.

To do this, go to your video feed settings, select “View Video” in the left sidebar, and then select “Edit Video” under the video section.2.

Add your own video to Facebook Live.

You can add video from your social media accounts or other sources to your feed, like Twitter, Instagram, or any other service that allows you access to a live feed.

For example, you could post a video from a music band or other band member to your Feed.3.

Disable the video in your news article.

If your feed contains videos from your other social media channels, you might be able to disable the video that’s being shared in your News article.

You could do this by going to your account settings and selecting “Edit Videos” under “Edit Photos.”4.

Change the channel to “Private.”

If you’re watching a video on Facebook live, the only way you can see it is from your video app or a web browser, not from Facebook.5.

Set your feed to “Featured” or “Unread.”

If the video you’re viewing in your feed is an article, you’ll want to set it to Featured or Unread, according to the News Feed settings.6.

Hide any videos that aren’t related to your news story.

If a video that you’ve watched before doesn’t have a link to your article or video, it may not show up on the feed.7.

Make sure your news stories are trending in your area.

You may be surprised to see that a video posted to your timeline about a popular basketball player or a soccer player may not be as popular as it should be if you live in an area with a lot of sports fans.8.

Update your Facebook news feed so that the video is no longer appearing in your post.

When you’re posting a news story, it’s possible for the video and the caption to be shared on your Timeline, even if they are unrelated to the story.

To fix this, click on the “Edit” button at the top of the News feed and then click “Add Timeline.”

If you don’t see the video or caption in your article when you scroll your News feed, the news source you’re interested in may not have video of the video.

In that case, you may have a problem.

To check, check if a video has been shared in the Newsfeed or the comment section of your post, and if it hasn’t, you’re likely to have a bug.9.

Update the video on your timeline so that it’s no longer in the stream.

If the caption or video has a video link in the post, that link will no longer appear in the video, but it may still be on the News or Comment sections of your video.

To fix this problem, check the video’s status in your video player.

If it has the video link, you should see a message stating that the link was removed.

If you see a video showing up in your stream that you don.t like, change the video so that you no longer see it in your timeline.10.

Remove your News and Comment sections from your news video.

If there’s a video in a section that you like, but don’t want to watch, you must remove it.

To delete a video, click the video player icon in the top right corner of your News Feed and select “Delete Video.”11.

Update or delete your video to a new video source.

To update your video, select the video from the News section and then choose “Edit.”12.

Make a video about something else.

If video content from a news article or a video for a sports event isn’t being shared on Facebook, you have the option to make a video of your own to share.

You don’t have to share the video with anyone, and it doesn’t appear in your Facebook News Feed.

To make your own, go back to your News section, click “Edit,” and then “Edit the Video.”13.

Remove a video you’ve liked.

If someone has liked your video