PHILIPPINES – The US is considering lifting visa restrictions on some migrants entering the country and allowing some more to come after Donald Trump’s executive order barring travel to the United States from six Muslim-majority countries was temporarily halted by a federal judge on Thursday.

A statement from the State Department said that the US would consider issuing a “temporary visa waiver” for citizens of the six countries, who were banned by Trump in the travel ban and are allowed to come to the U.S. for humanitarian purposes.

The temporary waiver would allow those in the countries to enter the U to work and study.

The State Department had said it would issue a final policy on the subject after it completes an analysis of all the information and is ready to issue an official policy.

The Trump administration has also lifted the visa suspension on a number of other countries, including Chad, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Venezuela.

It also lifted travel restrictions for Syrians and Sudanese people who arrived in the U on the same day as Trump’s order.

Trump signed an executive order Thursday that temporarily barred all refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran and Sudan for 90 days.

It halted the admission of refugees from Afghanistan, Somalia and Libya for 90 more days.

The US also has temporarily suspended all refugees indefinitely from Iran, and the State department says it is “evaluating additional actions” related to the Iran refugee crisis.

The State Department says it will update its travel ban information to reflect the new temporary restrictions.

The White House says the visa waiver will be available to the citizens of those countries for 180 days, after which they would be able to apply for a permanent waiver.

The United States and Canada have the second-highest number of refugees per capita in the world after Afghanistan and Somalia.

The top two countries in terms of refugee intake per capita are Nigeria and Sudan.