Updated January 17, 2019 06:48:47 The Dallas Cowboys may be the most hyped team in football right now, but that doesn’t mean they have the most to prove.

The defending Super Bowl champions and perennial playoff contenders have yet to win a playoff game since 2010, and while that might sound like a long time to wait for a title, the Cowboys have only been a top-10 team for five years in that span.

But there are still plenty of potential reasons to look beyond the title race for a playoff spot, and here are five reasons why you should seriously consider the Dallas Cowboys.1.

They don’t have a lot of competition2.

They have two top-tier quarterbacks3.

They’ve always been contenders4.

They play in the toughest division in the NFL5.

The Dallas franchise has always had a strong traditionIf you’re not a diehard Cowboys fan, chances are you’ve never even heard of them.

The Cowboys are not known for their success on the field, but the franchise has also been pretty successful in the sports world for decades.

The franchise was founded in 1946 by Jerry Jones and his son, Robert, and it was known for its star-studded football teams.

The NFL’s first Super Bowl champion was the Dallas Cardinals, and the Cowboys’ first overall pick in the 1960 NFL draft was Terrell Owens.

The team has won two championships since the franchise became a franchise in 1995, and now has three of the last four Super Bowl trophies.

In 2018, the Dallas Stars won their first title since 1994, and after that they went 5-0-1 in their last nine regular-season games.

But after a 6-9 start to the season, the Stars lost seven of their next 10 to fall to the Philadelphia Flyers in the Western Conference semifinals.

This year, the team has a 3-13-1 record after four games and a 7-8-1 mark since the start of January.

Dallas also finished in last place in the Metropolitan Division after a 2-12-1 start.

The Cowboys haven’t been in a playoff race since 2011, and they’ve only been in the postseason once since 1998, when they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.

So while they have plenty of momentum heading into the season and are likely to be one of the favorites to win the NFC East, they may not be ready to take the next step yet.

If the Cowboys can win two more games than they did last season and make the playoffs, the franchise may be able to return to a playoff position before long.2.

The Stars have been the most dominant team since 2011Despite being in the middle of the pack, the San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants have been dominating the NFC North and even the NFC West in recent years.

The Niners are the only team to win at least two games in the playoffs each of the past four seasons, and in each of those seasons they went undefeated.

Since taking the Super Bowl in 2018, San Francisco has won seven straight games, including a stunning victory over the Los