Christian sports fans have had their eyes on the stars of the sport since the dawn of time.

Now, some of the most prominent stars are on the move, and some have left their mark.

In 2018, there are new players coming through the ranks, with the likes of the likes on-field leaders Luke Moore and Matthew Boyd expected to step up their game.

But is there any way a Christian team can win the championship?

The Australian Football League is a hugely popular league in Australia, and a key part of the Australian culture.

There are around 1,000 clubs in the AFL, and more than 60 teams from all over the country.

With the AFFL having grown exponentially in recent years, and with players coming from around the world, there’s no shortage of players who can be a part of a Christian football team.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of our favourite Christian teams.

Fremantle Tigers The Tigers have a long history, as they’ve been around since 1892.

From the founding of the AFL in 1892, the Tigers have been the official football club of the state of Victoria.

The Tigers’ football history dates back to 1888 when the first Melbourne Cup was held.

That’s when Melbourne was formed, and the Tigers became the first football club in Australia to be officially registered.

The club has been in Victoria since 1922, and is considered to be the oldest and largest in the country, and was founded as a foundation for the fledgling AFL in 1926.

This team will be a formidable one to beat in the 2017 season.

After winning the inaugural AFL title in 2019, the Tiger’s new owners, the Crows, have made significant changes to the team, including a change to the name, and have given the Tigers a new logo.

It is unclear exactly when the team will make their debut, but they are expected to play a series of home games in 2018, before heading to the Gold Coast in 2019.

The new team will also have a new captain and a new coach, which is why it is likely that the team could be the favourite to take the title this season.

The Crows are a powerhouse in the competition, and it is expected that the Tigers will be favourites to win the 2017 title.

The Crows have won three titles in a row, and are one of the best teams in the AFL, so expect to see a very tough game at Etihad Stadium.

St Kilda Saints The Saints were formed in 1896, after the club was founded in Perth.

St Kilda was the first Australian Football Club to be incorporated into the state’s governing body, and were registered as an AFL club in 1924.

In fact, St Kildas debut was against Melbourne in 1926, and won the title, a record that still stands today.

They have been in the top four of the ladder since then, and will be hoping to build on that form this season, which could be a big step up for the Saints.

After winning the premiership in the 2018 season, the Saints have been one of Melbourne’s most successful teams.

The Saints have won five consecutive AFL titles, and three of the last four AFL finals.

There’s no doubt that the Saints will be the favourites to grab the title.

While the Saints may not be the biggest team in the game, they have been a powerhouse for many years.

They won the premierships in 2016 and 2017, and last year they were named the best team in Australia for the first time.

They are also well-known for their unique brand of footy, and they will be expecting to be a force to be reckoned with.

Melbourne Football Club has been around for over 80 years, but it is the Victorian football team that has had the most success.

Melbourne is the oldest club in the league, and has been at the top of the league since its inception.

The team has won five championships in a year, and this season they have become the highest-paid club in football.

It is expected to be another good season for Melbourne, and one that will be difficult to beat.

South Fremantle Bulldogs The Bulldogs were formed around 1904, when Melbourne Football Club was formed.

The Bulldogs have been at top form since their debut in 1910, and finished the season as the highest paid team in AFL history.

They finished fourth in the premierhips, and also won the Victorian state championships.

For this season’s season, South Fremantle will be looking to become the second highest-paying club in AFL, and that could be one of their biggest challenges.

Despite finishing seventh, the Bulldogs are one-time premiers in the division, and could be looking for a new challenge this season as they look to take a huge step forward. AAP Images