The American Heritage Dictionary defines “sports card” as a card or a piece of paper used in games of chance or skill, and it’s no wonder that women are more likely to buy them than men.

In fact, they’re the second-most common type of card, behind the U.S. dollar bill.

The reason?

Women have an innate interest in card games and they’re more likely than men to enjoy a card with lots of colorful symbols.

The card itself is the best thing about them: it’s a way to signal your status, to show your financial worth, and to keep track of money that you can spend on things that you really need.

In a world where so many women have been denied entry into the male-dominated game of poker, it’s refreshing to see that there are women playing a more mainstream game.

The fact that women still hold the most cards in the games shows that women have more of a chance of winning.

If you’re one of the lucky few who gets a box of these, you can’t be too surprised when the odds are stacked against you.

Which of the following cards is the worst for women, and why?


A dollar bill, which is usually in the shape of a man’s head, or, in some cases, a woman’s head.

A woman’s bank account is usually stuffed with bills, so she has to be careful when she purchases them.

This could lead to an overspend, which would ultimately make her debt worse.


A baseball card, which often features a female pitcher on the back and her name on the front.

This card is a popular card among male poker players.


A card game called poker, in which players compete to have the most money on the table.

This game has a female-friendly format, and the men are usually the ones with the best poker hands.


A coin game, in that you toss the coins to determine who gets to play on the highest number of hands.

If the highest-handed player wins, he or she is crowned king and gets to collect the most coins.


A deck of playing cards, in a pack that you shuffle together.

The cards are often colored with symbols that indicate which gender or race a player belongs to.

The colors represent physical attributes like height, weight, and eye color.


A golf club or a tennis club, which can have a number of different colors on the sides.

This might be the most popular kind of card.

The more colors, the more interesting the cards, and there are more chances that the cards will be played.

The downside is that women will generally prefer playing a certain color.


A bowling alley, which has a women’s-only layout.

The women there are usually more likely on the golf course, so the odds that they’ll be better at the game are better.


A car, in the form of a woman or a man, which features a number or number of symbols that can be seen in many of the pictures.

These are usually symbols that a woman might use when shopping for groceries or on the bus.

The female drivers on the roads might also be the ones who drive more aggressively than the men, which could lead them to lose money on every trip.


A gift card, in plastic or metal, which usually features a woman with the gift, usually something like a car or a wedding ring.

This is the kind of gift that a lot of women use to try and make themselves feel important.


A coupon, which offers to redeem it for merchandise.

The woman might buy it at the store or through a website, and then mail it to her boyfriend or fiancé.

The odds of her getting a gift card is higher, and this could lead her to lose some money on each trip, as well.


A credit card, usually with a woman on the card and a man on the nameplate.

This kind of credit card can be a good deal for a woman because it gives her an opportunity to make purchases, but the woman’s chances of winning are usually much higher than the man’s.


A debit card, typically with a man or a woman, which also features a women or a husband.

This can be good for a man because it allows him to make payments without having to worry about a credit card debt.

But the odds of winning depend on how much money he’s carrying and how much he has to spend on each transaction.


A ticket, which a woman may use to get to a specific location.

This may be a way for a female to show her love for her boyfriend, or it might be a romantic gift for a date.

The tickets often have a man playing, so it’s not uncommon for women to be the only people at the location.


A travel card, with a date or a