Business Insider’s Paul Chinnis explores the iPad Pro as a great value.

The iPad Pro is the latest iPad device that Apple is offering for the bargain price of $1.499.

A $1K iPad Pro, on the other hand, is almost $300 cheaper than a $1M iPad Pro.

It’s a very attractive iPad, and a very reasonable iPad.

But Apple has also said that the iPad mini 4 is the “best value” iPad, which means the iPad Air 2 is actually $300 more expensive.

The best iPad for the price of the cheapest is the iPad Mini 4.

So how much does the iPad go for?

Apple sells a variety of different iPad Pros, and we’ll use an iPad Air as an example.

To get an idea of how much you might be paying, here are the price tags for an iPad with an 8GB memory slot: $1,049: 8GB iPad Air2, 32GB RAM $899: 8 GB iPad Air, 64GB RAM $1;499: 8.7-inch iPad Air , 32GB memory $1,-399: iPad Pro 8.1 with Retina Display, 32 GB RAM $2,299: iPad Air with Retino 4K Display, 64 GB RAM The Apple iPad Pro and iPad mini are the top two iPads on our list of the best iPads for the cheapest price.

And yet, the iPad Pros are both $600 cheaper than the iPad minis.

The iPad mini 3 has a larger screen and is a bit more expensive, but that’s not because of the screen size.

It’s because the iPad has more RAM.

Apple says that the iPhone 6 Plus has a 256GB memory card, and that’s $150 more expensive than the $200 iPad mini with 8GB of RAM.

But the iPad’s RAM is a whopping 256GB, and the iPhone is $400 cheaper.

You can get the same iPad for much less, but there are some compromises.

The iPad mini has an 8-inch screen, but it has only 32GB of memory.

The iPhone 6s Plus has an even larger screen, and it has 64GB of storage.

That’s a huge difference.

But the iPhone’s cheaper screen makes it slightly easier to hold and read.

You can hold the iPad in portrait mode, which lets you use the iPhone as a tablet, or in landscape mode, where you can hold your phone like a tablet.

The same iPad, in other words, has much better viewing angles.

The Apple Pencil is $50 cheaper than an iPad Mini.

The Apple Watch has a different display, but you can still use the watch as a phone.

The same iPad can have more RAM and faster processors, but the watch is cheaper.

The iPhone 6 has a 32GB internal storage, but in comparison, the iPhone 5s has 32GB.

The new iPad has 32 GB of RAM, but its battery life is slower than the iPhone.

The MacBook Air has 256GB of internal storage and 128GB of flash storage.

That’s $500 more than the new iPad.

The new iPad Air is cheaper than its iPad mini, but not by as much.

The $1-1,999 price point is a lot better, and in some cases, the MacBook Air can beat the iPad.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.