A video has surfaced of a WWE Superstar wrestling on NXT during Takeover.

The WWE’s official website shared the video with the tagline: “This is NXT.”

The video shows a WWE star from NXT wrestling with WWE NXT star Finn Balor and former NXT Champion Seth Rollins.

In the video, the WWE Superstars are shown on NXT TV wrestling.

“This video is of Finn Balors NXT wrestling on WWE NXT TV,” the WWE posted on Twitter.

“I would like to thank all of you for coming and supporting NXT.”

In the clip, the wrestlers are shown using their NXT titles in a wrestling match.

NXT wrestling has been used to create some viral videos.

“It’s like a YouTube thing,” the wrestler says in the clip.

The wrestler uses his NXT title in the video.

The video is captioned: “You know the one, the one that was in the ring with us, and he is going to give us a challenge.

He is going take us to a tag team match and then we will see if we can take the title.”