Rutgers football has made the Cotton Belt official, and it’s time for the New York Red Bulls to join them.

The team has worn the jersey, and is now officially known as the New Jersey Red Bulls.

The team will wear the jerseys until the game against Orlando City on December 4th.

The Rutgers Football team has adopted a new uniform in its first Cotton Bowl game.

The New Jersey team, the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, wore their old jersey during a preseason game in 2017.

The Scarlet Knights are the reigning Big East champions, but they were eliminated by the eventual champions.

The Scarlet Knights will wear their old Jersey in this game.

The new Rutgers jersey, which has a red-and-white stripe running down the front, features the colors red, white and blue.

It is the same design as the jersey worn by the New England Revolution in the 2017 Cotton Bowl.