Fox Sports host Ernie Johnson blasted ESPN on Monday for not televising “Nascar” this weekend on the NFL Network.

ESPN announced on Monday that the program would not be airing on Sunday, and Johnson, who has worked for the network since 2004, was quick to weigh in.

“ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3 are the networks that are running ‘Narcas’ on Saturday and Sunday,” Johnson tweeted Monday morning.

“It’s like, ESPN is not interested in seeing the sport they love, nor is ESPN doing their job.”

Johnson then went on to call out the networks’ coverage of NASCAR for being “a complete joke.”

Johnson said NASCAR had “a very poor weekend” with its ratings, which dropped in the week following the death of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Dale Earns Jr.’s death in a car accident.

Johnson also tweeted that NASCAR had a “poor Sunday” and that “Nah, NASCAR is not showing NASCAR” on “Narcás.”

“NASCAR is not even going to be airing Saturday on ‘Nás,” Johnson continued.

“NASCas’ ratings are down and it’s going to suck when you start doing that.

NASCAR has a poor weekend.”

The host of “The Ringe” took to Twitter to say that NASCAR “has a poor Sunday” after the weekend’s deaths, as well as that NASCAR was “not even going” to air “Nas” this season.

Johnson did not mention NASCAR’s “Nás” during his tweets.

Johnson has previously criticized ESPN for airing “Cricket” and “NBA” on the network in the past.

He has also criticized the network for airing a video that showed former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhart Jr. kicking a racetrack in his 2013 retirement.

ESPN also has not aired a NASCAR show since 2004 when it aired the “Roster Countdown” segments on “The Jeff Probst Show.”

Johnson, meanwhile, has been a frequent critic of ESPN and other networks for airing programs that are critical of athletes.

He tweeted on Sunday that he was “disappointed” that “NASPORTSNarcos” and other sports shows were not airing on the “Nos.”

He also tweeted on Monday morning that “if they had aired the #NascarCrickets and #NFLNas show, I’d be excited.”

ESPN released a statement saying that it was “deeply saddened by the news” and would “continue to be involved in the sport and its fans.”

ESPN2 has yet to release a statement.