The Seattle Seahawks lost to the New Orleans Saints in OT.

Here’s how the Seattle Seahawks ended up with an OT loss.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the game: 1.

The Saints were very good against the run.

Seattle was able to dominate the run game, running for nearly 2,000 yards and averaging more than five yards per carry.

The Seahawks ran for a whopping 8.1 yards per rush in the first quarter.


Jimmy Graham and Michael Bennett led the way for the Seahawks.

Graham led the Saints with 19 touches, with Bennett finishing with nine and rookie Michael Bennett with five.


The Falcons defense was good.

Atlanta had only six sacks and only three interceptions.

It was good to see the Falcons’ defense stop the run and slow down the Saints’ offense.


Matt Ryan and the Falcons were able to get some of their own into the end zone.

Ryan threw for 308 yards, completing 17 of 25 passes for 211 yards and a touchdown.


It’s all about Julio Jones.

The NFC South-leading Falcons have a young, explosive offensive line, but they struggled to run the ball.

Julio Jones had three carries for 24 yards and caught five passes for 53 yards.

He had three catches for 40 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.


Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 317 yards and six touchdowns.

The veteran quarterback threw three touchdown passes to seven interceptions.


The Rams were really good.

The Cardinals ran for almost 2,600 yards and scored 29 touchdowns.

Their defense held New Orleans to just two points, allowing just three points on the season.


It all starts with Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch rushed for a career-high 181 yards and three touchdowns.


The Browns were really bad.

The Texans ran for just over 600 yards and threw for just five touchdowns.

They were a minus-8 in rushing defense, allowing 17 points per game.


Jimmy G is really good at this.

The Steelers had just three sacks, but three came on the way to G. 11.

It really is about Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor completed 9 of 12 passes for 107 yards and one touchdown.


DeMarco Murray is really, really good and was really, REALLY good.

Murray finished with five catches for 58 yards and five touchdowns on his way to the top of the AFC South.


It goes beyond just running.

The Eagles were really, very good on defense.

They held New York to only three points, with the Eagles averaging 6.7 yards per play.


The Packers offense struggled to do anything besides get the ball out of the backfield.

The offense finished with just seven yards rushing on seven carries for 21 yards.


It comes down to the defense.

The Titans defense did its part, holding the Packers to just three total points.


The Vikings defense was really good, and their defense held the Steelers to just one point.


The Jaguars defense was great.

The Chiefs defense had just one sack, but one came on Seattle’s final drive.


The Patriots defense was fantastic.

New England’s defense held Pittsburgh to just four points.


The Raiders defense was excellent.

The Panthers defense had a sack and two interceptions.


It doesn’t get much better than that.

The 49ers defense had six sacks, and it had two interceptions on the night.


It wasn’t as easy as it looks.

The Bears defense was just awful.

They had four sacks and two turnovers on the day.


It has to be great to win a Super Bowl.

It certainly did for Seattle.


The Chargers were really strong.

The Colts allowed only two points to the Seahawks in the game, and the Colts defense was dominant.


The Jets defense played great.

New York held the Colts to just seven points on their way to a 29-27 victory.


All about the running game.

The running game was great for the Falcons, allowing only four yards rushing in the second half.


It starts with Aaron Rodgers.

The Rodgers-to-Bennett connection was obvious in the third quarter, when the Falcons had eight total plays and the Packers only had two.


The best play of the game came in the fourth quarter.

It started with DeMarco Bryant catching the ball and then going down to his knees for a touchdown catch.


The most impressive play of Sunday night came when the Seahawks led by a touchdown at the end of the fourth.

It came when Jermaine Kearse and Earl Thomas caught the ball in the endzone, and both caught touchdown passes.


The worst play of game night came at the start of the second quarter when Seattle had just over a minute remaining in the quarter.

A few plays later, they ran out the clock.


It should be noted that this was the only game Seattle had lost in OT in 2017. 31