The 2017 NFL draft has been one of the most intriguing events in recent memory, with many expecting the league to add a first-round pick to the mix to build an elite core.

The draft has also featured some of the greatest performances of the decade, including a quarterback class that was loaded with elite talent.

However, with the emergence of a new crop of talent, the next big step for the league could be the 2018 draft, which could determine who the best team in the NFL is.

The draft is still very much in the early stages, but there are plenty of players that will be selected in the top 20 picks, which is a good sign.

The top 10 picks will likely be a couple of stars in a young class.

This class is also loaded with stars in the defensive and offensive trenches.

The biggest question is who will be the best NFL team in 2018.

Many have been saying that the New England Patriots are the best in the league, and they will likely get the top pick in the draft.

The Patriots had a great draft and have a ton of talent in the front seven, but the offense could be a major concern for the defense.

The defense is one of those areas where the Patriots need to improve, especially if they are looking to challenge for the AFC title in 2019.

The San Francisco 49ers also will be one of two teams with a first round pick in 2018, and that could be another reason for optimism.

The 49ers’ front office has been building an elite defense since 2011, and it was evident during the draft that the front office knew exactly what they wanted in their defensive group.

However the front will likely still be a concern, especially with the rise of younger talent.

The Cleveland Browns, New England, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills will be some of those teams that will get the most excitement in the first round.

These teams have a wealth of young talent and have the ability to compete for a championship.

They have the biggest needs in the middle, which will likely lead to some of these teams getting first round picks.

However it should also be noted that most of these franchises are rebuilding, and a few of them are looking for a new GM.

If the Browns are looking at a new coach and/or GM, this is one team that could potentially have a big impact on the franchise moving forward.

There are plenty more teams that could get first- and second-round picks, and the top 10 teams could be able to compete in the playoffs.

This should be a fun time for NFL fans to watch.