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So when it comes to the NFL’s offseason, you’re not going to find anyone with a better shot to survive than the Seattle Seahawks.

So let’s take a closer look at this team.

Let’s look at the reasons why they’ve managed to stay relevant through so many different disasters.

How they did itThis offseason has been one of the best for Seattle sports fans, especially in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.

As we look back on this past season, I’ve seen the Seahawks do so much right.

They’re on pace to be one of only five teams in the league to finish with a winning record in 2016.

Their record is the best in the NFL, and they’ve only played two division rivals.

And with the new CBA signed into effect in 2018, the team can expect a boost in revenue to keep the players and fans happy for a while longer.

The Seahawks even signed a superstar in defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, which was a major coup for them.

But the team’s struggles in 2016 didn’t just come from their roster.

There were a lot of reasons why the Seahawks struggled.

Their top draft pick, Michael Bennett, tore his ACL during the first preseason game.

Bennett went on to suffer a torn meniscus and a torn labrum during the following season, which could have been avoided if the team had addressed the issue sooner.

Even with all the injuries, Seattle struggled to find a pass rush, especially after adding a slew of rookies in free agency.

The team also struggled to protect Russell Wilson, who was coming off a knee injury that cost him the season opener.

The Seahawks were also without their top offensive line, which also lost two starters.

The defense was also a bit shaky at times, particularly with the addition of free agent cornerback Byron Maxwell and cornerback Brandon Browner, who signed with the Texans.

But in the playoffs, Seattle still led the NFC West, but was defeated in the first round by the Carolina Panthers.

And there was another issue that wasn’t as bad as the ones the Seahawks faced in 2016: the team struggled to score points.

In their two seasons under Pete Carroll, Seattle scored just 25.5 points per game, a number that was far below what it is today.

In 2016, Seattle finished dead last in the NFC in points scored and gave up an average of 2.4 points per play.

But since the team signed Suh to a long-term contract in 2018 and Bennett has returned, the Seahawks have taken off with an explosive offense and a deep defense.

They are now the most prolific scoring offense in the game, averaging an average 23.2 points per season.

And now, with that in mind, let’s look back at how the Seahawks did things in 2016 and how they’ve fared in 2017.

The good:The Seahawks have had two great seasons, both in Seattle.

They were in the playoff race in both years.

They won the Super Bowl in both of them.

They’ve won three division titles.

And they have two of the three best players in the entire NFL, in Russell Wilson and Michael Bennett.

The bad:They’ve only won two playoff games since the Superbowl, and both were in Seattle’s own backyard.

They lost the Super-Bowl in 2017, and lost in the Super bowl the year before that.

And in the 2017 playoffs, the only team to score more than 35 points in a game is the Arizona Cardinals.

They haven’t won more than 14 games since then, and haven’t made the playoffs since 2011.

The worst part about all of that?

In those two seasons, Seattle has only had one team that scored more than 30 points per contest, the Arizona Stampeders, who finished 10-4 in those two years.

And while the Seahawks might have the best defense in the conference, they’re just not a very good team at all in this division.

The positives:The team has done a lot to improve over the past few years.

Since joining the NFL in 2020, the league has seen two consecutive seasons with a record of 10-6 or better.

And the Seahawks are the only NFC West team to have won five consecutive games since that period, and their win total in the division is second only to the Packers.

But the Seahawks also won just one playoff game since joining the league in 2021.

They also have two players that were drafted in the top 10 overall by the Seahawks, but have never been able to live up to their potential.

One more note about the team: Seattle has been able with all of the new players that they’ve added, including players like quarterback Russell Wilson who was the No. 1 overall pick in 2016, and cornerback Byron Max, who is now a free agent.

The group of guys has helped to turn this team into one of a few elite teams in football.

The downside: The team