Sports agent jobs have become a dime a dozen.

Most of them have an opening and an agent has a client list that spans the NFL.

But that’s all changing for players and agents in 2017, with the NBA and NHL both cutting the number of agents by 10% and 8%, respectively.

But that’s not stopping teams from looking for new agents, with MLB, NBA, and NHL teams looking to hire new agents this offseason.

The most lucrative new agent job comes from the NFL and is likely to be the biggest for the teams, which are all looking to add talent.

The average salary for a new agent in 2017 is $1.7 million, and that includes $800,000 for a team’s third-year agent, $250,000 to $500,000 from a team that hires an independent agent, and an additional $500.25 million in signing bonus for a player who has an agent.

That means a new team looking to sign an agent could expect to pay around $2 million a year for the position.

As for the NBA, the minimum salary for an agent this offseason is just over $1 million.

That’s more than a third of the salary of an average MLB player.

But for the NFL, a new contract would likely net a franchise around $1 billion.

With new contracts like that, a team would be in position to spend at least $2.5 billion on new players this off-season, including $1,000 million to $3 million for every first-round pick and up to $2 billion for every second-round selection.

That would mean a new franchise would be able to spend around $11.5 million a season on new contracts this off.