The Panthers defense has been a disaster against Pittsburgh Steelers.

They have allowed seven touchdowns, seven takeaways and two touchdowns through six games.

We are still at the start of the year, but the Panthers defense is just a little bit better than the team we started it against.

On offense, they have been a little better, too.

Their offensive line has been better and the running backs have been better, but it has been just about the same.

The Panthers have given up 7.9 yards per play on offense, the second-worst mark in the league.

On the flip side, they are allowing 4.8 yards per carry, the third-lowest mark in football.

The Steelers offense has been fantastic.

They are averaging 26.7 points per game on the road, the best in the NFL.

They also average more than 27 points on the air.

The Panthers are allowing just 15.4 points per play at home, tied for the third worst mark in league history.

That is why, in Pittsburgh, the Panthers have been the better team.

Pittsburgh has a chance to make the playoffs and win the NFC North, and the Panthers are a legitimate playoff team.

If they win the division, they will get to play for the Super Bowl.

But if they lose, they would likely have to play in the divisional round, and if they win, they might have to go to the AFC Championship.

It is hard to imagine Pittsburgh winning the Superbowl without Cam Newton and the Panther defense.