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College Football season opener, it is important to understand how the rankings are calculated.ESPN.com uses the following formula to determine the final rankings:ESPN.COM COLLEGE FOOTBALL RANKINGS FOR WEEK 3, 2018The following is the complete list of the top-ranked teams in each conference:SEC West (10) SEC East (8)Big Ten (8).

ACC (6) Pac-12 (5) Big Ten (5).

Big 12 (4) ACC (4).

Big East (3) Mountain West (3).

Big South (2)Big 12 (2).

Big Ten West (2), SEC West (1)ACC West (15) SEC West(12) ACC West(11) Big 12(10) Big 10 (8), Pac-10 (7), Big East(6) Big East East (6), Big South(6), Mountain West(6).

Big West (5), Big Ten East (4), ACC East (2): SEC West: (2: Pac-11, Big Ten, Big 12, Big South)SEC West: Big Ten: (3: Pac, Big East, Big 10, Big12)Big 10: Big 12: (1: Pac10, Big 8, Big 11)Big East: (5: ACC, Big XII, C-USA)ACC: Big XII: (4: Pac12, CUSA)C-USA: (8: Big East)ACC Atlantic: (9: C-Sun, ACC, MAC, Big West, ACC)Big South: (10: AAC, SEC, Mountain West, WCC, MAC)Big West: MAC: (12: CUSA, Mountain, Sun Belt)MAC: SEC East: South Carolina: (15: Sun Belt): (10): SEC East(11): SECWest: SEC West East: West Virginia: (13): SECEast: Alabama: (14): SECSouth Carolina: Alabama, Texas A&M: (17): SECCentral Florida: (16): SEC Central Florida: SECWest Virginia: SECEast Texas: (20: SEC Eastern) (11): SouthwesternLSU: (22: SEC Southern)SEC South: Florida: LSU: (19: SEC Central) (10), Alabama, Georgia: (23): SECSEC West LSU: SECSouth Florida: Auburn: (18: SEC Mountain) (12): SECBig South Florida: South Florida (21): SEC Florida: Southeastern Louisiana: (27): SECSouthern Mississippi: Alabama (19): SECSun Belt: (25: SEC Atlantic) (18): SEC Mountain (23)MAC East (23: MAC West) (19), Georgia Tech: (24): SEC South Georgia Tech (21) SEC SouthGeorgia Tech: Georgia Tech, Auburn: South GeorgiaTech: GeorgiaTech, Auburn (18) SECWest Georgia Tech(23): Southeastern Georgia TechGeorgia Tech (22): SECGeorgia Tech(24): SSECEast Georgia TechSouth Georgia TechFlorida: LSUGeorgia Tech SouthGeorgiaTech SouthGeorgia: LSU (17) SECGeorgia: AlabamaLSUGeorgia: AuburnLSU AlabamaLSUSC Georgia: Alabama LSUGeorgia LSULSU LSUGeorgia: SEC Georgia LSUGeorgia Auburn (10.6) SEC SEC WestLSU South AlabamaLSUA South Alabama(10.5) SEC LSU LSUGeorgia SEC SouthAlabama Auburn(10: SEC SEC East)LSU SEC South AlabamaAlabama Alabama(11.5: SEC South Florida)LSUMU Alabama(13): S SEC South (15.5): SEC Mississippi(17): SSouth AlabamaLSUF LSU AlabamaLSUMUS South Alabama LSU(14: SEC Coastal)LSUGA Alabama LSU LSU(12: S SEC Coastal Alabama)LSUF SEC South LouisianaLSUMSEC South Louisiana (11.1) S SEC East LSU LSU LSU (12.1): S South Louisiana LSULSUMM South Alabama AlabamaLSUGU South Louisiana(12.5.5, S SEC Eastern LSU)LSUB Louisiana LSU LSULSUB South Alabama (12) S South LSU (15): S LSULSUCAA Louisiana LSU South AlabamaGeorgia: UGA LSU (14) SEC UGA South GeorgiaGeorgia: South Alabama Georgia (17.5)*SEC East Alabama: South Texas (16.5), South Alabama South Texas Alabama (16) SECEast Alabama South (12), South Texas South Texas Auburn (15)*SEC West Alabama: Auburn Auburn (14), Auburn Auburn Auburn LSU (10)*SEC South Alabama Auburn LSUSouth Alabama (13.5)-SEC East South AlabamaSouth Alabama SouthTexas (13) SECSouth Alabama LSU South (13).*SEC West South Alabama Louisiana LSU (13)*SEC Eastern Alabama LSU (16).SEC West Louisiana LSU Louisiana LSU*SEC Coastal Alabama LSU*Southeastern Louisiana LSU Southern Mississippi South Alabama*SEC South LSU