Toyota announced Tuesday that it is teaming up with China’s Autonomous Driving Company, an autonomous driving technology company, to develop a sports car called the Toyota Supra.

The company said it has already secured a key supplier for the Supra and will work with the Chinese company on further development.

The new Supra will be a crossover model and it will be powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged engine with six-speed manual transmission.

The Toyota Supras will be based on the automaker’s Toyota Highlander, which is currently the most popular sedan in China.

Toyota said that the Supras design will be inspired by the Honda Accord, a crossover with a sports-car-like layout.

It will have a seating capacity of up to 1,400 people.

The Supras’ design, based on Honda’s latest generation, will be different from other crossover SUVs, and will be equipped with a rearview camera and a rear radar, Toyota said.

The vehicle will be offered in a variety of trim levels, with a base model priced at around $30,000.