Soccer fans across Australia are going crazy over the World Series, with many sporting a mixture of excitement and relief as the World Cups 2018 and 2019 are underway.

Here is a look at some of the things we learned from our Melbourne hosts in 2018 and how they will cope with the pressure.1.

Australia will be the biggest drawThe 2018-19 World Series has been dominated by big names like Alex Bregman, Sergio Aguero and Sergio Aguado.

However, the hosts will be no match for the best teams in the world.

Australia has a rich history in international football and, for many, the World Championship will be a dream come true.2.

The fans will be singing the Australian anthemIn the final, a massive crowd will sing the national anthem, but they won’t necessarily be singing it at the same time.

The anthem will be sung in unison with the national song, while other songs will be switched.3.

The Australian fans will winThe Australian fans have always been great, but we have been in for the long haul this time around.

They will make up the majority of the crowd and will probably make a huge impact in the final.4.

Soccer fans are going to be on the edge of their seatsThere will be plenty of seats left in the ground but it’s not all sunshine and roses, and the Australian fans are already on edge.

There will also be the potential for some flare-ups during the match.5.

Australia’s biggest star is Neymar The Brazilian superstar has been one of the world’s most talked-about footballers over the last couple of years.

He has been involved in every World Cup tournament since 2008, and it will be interesting to see how he fares in Australia.6.

Soccer in Melbourne is a social affairFor the most part, the Australians will be on their smartphones, but the stadium will be full of people in the stands.

The crowd will be watching and chatting away from the action.7.

It will be hot, sweaty and hot for soccerIn the heat of the final match, the fans will probably get a little excited.

It’s a great atmosphere and it’s going to heat up during the tournament.8.

There will be lots of action during the final The crowd is going to get a lot of action from the final matches.

The Australians will want to take control of the match and dominate it, while the Americans will want everyone to do their best to keep the momentum going.9.

Soccer is all about the tacticsThere will definitely be some tactical changes, but not a whole lot to make to the game.

There’s a lot more focus on team-mates and playing off the ball.10.

Australia is a nation of ‘tough guys’The Americans have been the biggest names in the World League since 2008.

It may be tough to get the Australians to come out on top against the likes of Brazil and Russia, but there will be many Australians who will be prepared to do battle against the American boys.11.

Soccer will be fun for everyoneThere will always be a lot going on during the matches, including the World cup, so it will always feel like a competition.

It is going, and there will always have a lot to talk about.12.

Australia has plenty of talentThere are plenty of exciting young players in the squad.

The only problem is that they won the World Championships without scoring goals.