An India Football Federation (IFA) statement has said that five Indian players have died and one is in critical condition following the violent clashes between rival fans during the second Test between India and Australia in Mumbai.

According to the statement released on Friday, “In accordance with Indian law, the investigation is being conducted to determine the exact cause of the death of the deceased and the cause of injuries suffered during the incident.”

The players were identified as Rahul Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Harbhajan Singh and Rajesh Kumar.

The statement added that the Indian players were “in a state of shock”.

The Indian football federation said that the incident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning (local time) after India had completed their first Test match against Australia.

“As per the rules and protocols in place during such events, the Indian team members were accompanied by police,” the statement said.

India’s cricket team also said in a statement on Friday that five players have been injured and one was in a critical condition.

The team said that it is “deeply saddened” by the death.

India played the first Test in Mumbai on Monday.