There’s a time and a place for all the safety tips we’ve learned so far, but the one thing that is most important when it comes to the outdoors is to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your surroundings. 

The weather has been kind to us lately and we’ve been living in a lot of stress and danger.

In the past week, lightning has struck several areas in Maua.

While the lightning was a few kilometers away, many of the areas were in a much safer zone.

Some people have reported being struck by lightning while trying to make their way home from work.

There’s a simple way to avoid a potential strike: Wear sturdy gear.

If you’re on a beach, don’t go swimming in a pool.

Do not drive on any of the islands.

If a storm is coming, stay indoors and stay alert.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

And always carry a cell phone in case you need to call 911 for help.

Be safe out there.

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