A video of Tibetan leader the Dalai, who has become an international celebrity, went viral on the Internet in the wake of the Tibetan separatist movement.

Now, it appears that a news site in Latvia has been duped into publishing a story about the Dalai.

The article by the website Dalmacija Sport claims that the video was released to promote the release of the movie of the same name.

But it was published in Latvia, and the story has since been taken down.

The article claimed that the Dalai Lamas life and teachings are “truly spiritual.”

The story was pulled from the site’s news section.

A news site has a responsibility to be accurate.

However, the article about the film that was published on the site, Dalmaciya Sport, was pulled by the publication on Wednesday morning.

The story said the Dalai was “unexpectedly and unexpectedly granted a new life” in the film “Lingga.”

The film was released in the Czech Republic and Sweden last month.

It stars Idris Elba and Emma Thompson.

It is unclear how the story got to the news site.

It appears that Dalmacja Sport has no relation to the website or the story.

The original article on the news website, which was updated at 2:13 p.m.

Wednesday, said: “Dalmacija Sports was informed that a video was uploaded by the Dalai of a life of the spirit.

He had to be removed.”

Dalmas website has no connection to the story on the Dalmacijas website.