In the most recent edition of our ranking of the NFL’s kicking teams, we ranked the Dallas Cowboys No. 1.

The NFL average is 2.7 points per kick.

The Cowboys are also the only team in the league to score touchdowns on only two field goals per game.

The average team is a top-10 team in terms of field goal accuracy.

However, the Cowboys have one of the most prolific kickers in the NFL.

The kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles was Adam Vinatieri, who missed on a field goal in overtime against the Chicago Bears in 2017.

That was Vinatieris second field goal of the season.

The other kicker in the top-5 is Justin Tucker, who also missed on the game-winning field goal against the Dallas Bears.

The top-five kicker is only one behind Vinatiano, and that is an accomplishment that has been attributed to Vinatiani’s ability to consistently land those field goals.

Vinatierei is a solid kicker, and he’s a legitimate franchise player.

But it is the other kicker that makes him stand out.

Kneel before him, and let us know what you think.

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