SPORTS News update The FA Cup Final will be shown live on Sky Sports, on Tuesday night, with the final to be broadcast live on BBC Two, BBC Four and BT Sport.

The FA Cup will be played between England and Portugal.

The final will be broadcast on BBC One at 9pm on Tuesday.

The second round will be the final between England, Spain and Italy.

The first round will take place on Saturday at 11pm on BBC Three.

The final will take the place of the FA Cup semi-final on Sunday.

The Europa League final will start at 1am on Saturday and will be followed by the FA Women’s Super League final on Sunday at 2am.

The World Cup semi final will have an opening game on Tuesday at 2pm.

The last two semi-finals will be between Italy and Germany.

The next game of the tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday and Friday.

There will be three group stage matches played in the UAE, with a third game on Saturday.

The Group A game will be hosted by Germany, while the Group B game will take a place in France.