Denver, Colo.

— Former Colorado defenseman Cory Conway, who is one of the most decorated Avalanche players in NHL history, is calling the shooting a “terrible tragedy” and saying he would like to apologize to his teammates.

Conacher was one of three Colorado players killed during the first day of the Stanley Cup Final on Sunday night, and he will be buried next to teammate Evgeni Malkin at a memorial service.

He was killed in the crossfire of a shooting that took place in an apartment complex near Denver International Airport.

Conacher was an All-Star during the 1980s, when the Avalanche won two Stanley Cups and two Presidents’ Trophies.

He was also a six-time All-Defensive Team selection, a member of the 1984 All-Rookie Team and the 1985 All-Canadian Team.

He scored six goals and added 22 assists during his 13-year career.