By Patrick ReddyPublished Jan 04, 2017 09:01:11The NBA All-star game will not get the blessing of the NBA from the league’s owners until at least 2019.

That means that if the NBA wants to bring back the All-Stars, it will have to pay a lot of money.

For the NBA to move forward with the game in 2021, it would have to put in about $1.5 billion to bring it back.

The league could get some help from the NBA Players Association, which has been lobbying for the game to be allowed to go back to the old All-stars format.

The NBAPA could even consider playing a pre-game show on TNT with an announcer from the new All-NBA team, per ESPN’s Chris Broussard.NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has said that if it’s not allowed to play a pregame show, the league will consider filing a lawsuit to try and stop it.

The NBA is in the process of negotiating with the players, but it is unclear when the owners will agree to allow the All, which is a shortened version of the traditional game, to return.NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that the league was willing to consider playing pre-games in 2021 as long as it’s done in a way that doesn’t put players at risk, according to ESPN.

But Silver said the league wasn’t planning to do anything in 2021 that would put players in jeopardy.

“I think what we’re going to have to do is we’re not going to play any pre-emptive games,” Silver said at the 2017 All-Defensive Team announcement in March.

“We’re not gonna do any games that are designed to get in front of the cameras.

We’re going no pre-post-game shows.”

The NBA has said in the past that the All Star Game is not a game that the players want to be involved in.

“If we are going to go to the NBA All Star game, we’re gonna have to play in the NBA all-star games that the NBA is running.

And that’s what we’ll do,” NBA commissioner Adam Selig said at a recent news conference.

“There’s a time and place for pre-tournament activities and there’s a way for us to do it and it’s a great opportunity for us.”

The league and players are currently trying to find a compromise on a preseason schedule, and the NBA has told ESPN that it’s in discussions with the NBAPA about what that schedule would look like.

Silver and Selig have said that they want the All in 2021.

The All-Drafted team will be announced at the end of the All Season.

That will give the NBA a chance to introduce new players to the league and showcase their skills.

The team will consist of 20 All-Americans, 15 All-Wizards, 12 All-Diamond League, and 10 All-Celtics.